Logistics News Update

Now more than ever
manufacturers of all sizes in
every industry are properly
exploring options as they
grapple with the urgent need to
reduce costs , enhance
profitability , and increase
competitiveness. Outsourcing
to 3PL companies over the last
two decades has proven to be
a very practical solution.

Delivering your products to your valued
customers in a timely manner and at
reasonable rates is what we at BNA Logistics
focus on doing the best.

Are the big 3PL providers too busy or too  
costly to look after your new line of

At BNA our strength is full service for the
Entrepreneur. Combining a group of small
companies under one roof allows for
economies of scale . This partnership
arrangement leads to multiple layers of  
success for all parties.

Your product line no matter how big or small
will receive preferential treatment from the
moment it arrives at our facility until the
moment it is delivered into your customers

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