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Company Management
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Have been in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Wholesale Industry for over 30 years as the
Director of Operations and Quality Assurance at the Wholesale level and prior to that Manager of
Operations for a small Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. During those years  was responsible for the
management of such issues as:

  • The implementation and deployment of telecommunication and data networks pertaining to
    logistics at over a dozen facilities.      

  • Warehouse leases, layouts and work flow charting.

  • Procurement and deployment of material handling equipment.

  • Regulatory filings and the discharging of licensing requirements.

  • Product delivery and order fulfillment for over 2000 orders per day.

  • Daily inventory cycle counts and bi-annual full inventory counts.

  • Negotiating, contracting and managing transportation services.

  • Pharmaceutical product waste control.

  • Security systems for all warehouse and controlled substance areas.

During this span of time we have had the privilege of working alongside many highly experienced
individuals in a wide variety of fields. Continuing to work along with these people has allowed us to
provide a broad range of solutions for many clients looking for 3PL applications .